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Gain access to a single platform of cutting-edge marketing tools that are designed for small to mid-sized businesses like yours. Our platform has some of the most innovative solutions and tools to streamline and simplify your strategy. Our goal is to help you work more efficient, and generate incredible outcomes. Leverage AI, forms of automation for campaign management, social media, and data generation to find your footing in the digital landscape. Save more time, energy and money while also maximizing your ROI.

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Our Marketing Tools and Software for Marketing

Website Builder

Use our website builder as a 24/7 salesperson, using it to create a high-quality, engaging, and fully customizable website that is also user-friendly and advanced.

Shop App

Convert your current website into a powerful, fast-paced E-Commerce platform and retail store using our Shop App. It’s an excellent tool to manage sales and more.


Make payments easier, faster, and personalized, whether you’re carrying them out in person or online. You can also use this app to send receipts and invoices, handle billing, and gather payments from vendors.


We’re offering a fully integrated CRM to track all major leads, deals, and other valuable factors. It’s easier and more efficient.


Use the power of social media simply and effectively to generate results. Not only can you create posts, but you can also schedule your social posts at your convenience.


Use email and text message marketing with our wonderfully curated, easy-to-use templates and send out monthly promos and newsletters to existing and potential clients.


Use this app to build important, fully customizable forms linked to your CRM and email automation.


Become more discoverable with Google My Business, Facebook, and Top Rated Local. Quickly and efficiently update all relevant details such as business hours, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, and other information so you are reachable.


Manage reviews, testimonials, and feedback for an increase in sales. You can use this app to get more insights, monitor information, and build a strong online reputation on third-party websites.


Make use of the best multi-channel ads and look at ad performance between platforms to see which is performing best.


Learn how to redefine, strategize, and improve your content marketing and SEO strategy based on how it performs. This app provides you with KPIs and essential analytics you need to monitor and track to gauge your performance.

Kate Schadler Client

“We invested in the 360-marketing suite from Connectify Marketing Group, given that we can’t outsource our marketing services yet. It helped us streamline, scale up, and save within a few weeks of use. Game-changer!”

Kelly P.

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