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Google Ads Management Services

Connectify Marketing’s Google Ads Management Services help you benefit from keywords that buyers are actively searching for.

It’s cost-effective, impactful, and allows you to target customers with more clarity, intention, and specific focus. It’s a great investment for small to mid-sized businesses, allowing them to build a long-standing.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and how we can use Google Ads marketing and management to extend your reach.

New Marketing Leaders

As a certified Google Local Services Ads partner, we can help you leverage this powerful platform to connect with potential customers actively searching for your services in your area. Imagine a dedicated section at the top of Google search results showcasing qualified local businesses like yours. That’s exactly what Google LSA offers. Earning the coveted “Google Guaranteed” badge on your ad displays your credibility and trustworthiness to potential customers, putting you a step ahead of the competition.

Why Google Local Services Ads for Electricians, Plumbers, and HVAC?

  • Targeted Reach:Reach qualified leads actively searching for services like yours in your specific location. No more wasted ad spend on irrelevant audiences.
  • Fast Lead Generation:Connect directly with potential customers through phone calls generated by your ad.
  • Increased Credibility:The “Google Guaranteed” badge signifies your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, giving potential clients peace of mind.
  • Competitive Advantage:Stand out from the crowd with prominent ad placement and Google’s seal of approval.

Let Our Google Local Services Ads Expertise Work for You!

We understand the intricacies of the Google LSA program. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from verification and background checks to crafting compelling ad copy that resonates with local customers. Here’s how we help you maximize your return on investment (ROI) with Google Local Services Ads:

  • Strategic Keyword Targeting:We target relevant keywords that potential customers in your area are actively searching for.
  • Compelling Ad Creation:We craft clear and concise ads that highlight your unique selling points and convince users to call you.
  • Ongoing Performance Monitoring:We constantly track and analyze your ad performance, optimizing your campaigns for the best results.

Don’t wait to connect with potential customers in your neighborhood! Contact us today to discuss how our Google Local Services Ads expertise can help your electrician, plumbing, or HVAC business thrive!

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Our Google Ads Management Services Are Affordable and Impactful

Keyword Research

We begin by conducting a thorough keyword research of the phrases and terms your target audience is searching for and your competitors are using. It’s a great way to generate focus and derive greater ROI.

Campaign Design and Creation

Once we know what keywords people are looking for and want, we’ll create engaging ad copy that generates attention. We’ll also create different versions, run multiple campaigns to maximize reach and track which copy and campaigns do best.

SEO for Google Ads Management

Our SEO services for Google Ads management will focus on integrating and optimizing keywords, phrases, and terms that align with user search intent and curiosity. This will allow us to align your Google Ads with your broader SEO campaigns and strategy.

Analytics and Reporting

We’ll continue to monitor and track the data from our Google Ads information. Through inbuilt and external tools, our expertise, and knowledge, we will redesign your Google Ads strategy for optimal performance.

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“Connectify Marketing used flexible Google Ads Management services to ensure that we’re reaching the right audience, making an impact, and saving money in the long run. “

Karen C.

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“Connectify Marketing’s Google Ads Management helped us figure out what our clients were searching for, allowing us to target them effectively. We’ve made leaps and strides since, generating more traction from our services.”

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